An innovative, technology-enabled platform supporting the specialty medication supply chain needs of independent practices and pharmaceutical manufacturers

Provider Network Holdings is committed to the mission of effectively supporting independent specialty practices throughout the country. Through direct practice engagement and partnership, the combined entity will help independent specialty practices continue to thrive and prosper as they focus on the specialized, quality of care for the patients they serve.


Provider Network Holdings combines the expertise and service offerings from several operating subsidiaries while creating new value-add services in collaboration with manufacturers and wholesalers on behalf of our specialty provider network.

Our specialized services

Provider Network Holdings distinguishes itself by offering a range of unique and specialized services that come with compelling advantages for everyone involved. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the various ways we cater to the needs of all stakeholders, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship. Here’s an expansion on the compelling benefits we provide:

Provides physician practices

a viable alternative to remain independent.

Focused on complex therapies

that are high cost and chronic requiring specialized capabilities.

Improves access

adherence, education and compliance in the therapies we serve.

Offers a variety of solutions

to meet each practice’s unique needs.

What we do

Our innovative, tech-enabled platform supports the biologic & specialty needs of independent physician practices and pharmaceutical manufacturers through sophisticated supply chain capabilities and deep industry relationships.

Practice Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions

Pharma Solutions
Infusion & Inventory Management Wholesale & DistributionClinical Participation & Market Research
Infusion Suite BuildoutGroup Purchasing OrganizationEducational Services
RCM & KPI BenchmarkingDistribution of Specialty ProductsDrug Launch
Practice OptimizationData InsightsTech-enablement
Tech -enablementComplianceCompliance
ComplianceData Reviews & MonetizationMarketing
Market & Clinical InsightsWellness ProductsMarket & Clinical Insights
Data Reviews & MonetizationMember Access for PurchasingMedical Communications
Infusion-centric EMRAggregationPromotional Events
Infusion & Inventory Management
Infusion Suite Buildout
RCM & KPI Benchmarking
Practice Optimization
Tech -enablement
Market & Clinical Insights
Data Reviews & Monetization
Infusion-centric EMR
Wholesale & Distribution
Group Purchasing Organization
Distribution of Specialty Products
Data Insights
Data Reviews & Monetization
Wellness Products
Member Access for Purchasing
Clinical Participation & Market Research
Educational Services
Drug Launch
Market & Clinical Insights
Medical Communications
Promotional Events

Operating Subsidiaries